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Because the UW offers email accounts to everyone associated with EE (and the university), EE Computing is no longer duplicating this service. If you've got an EE account ("your_username"), you do have an EE email address
("your_username@ee.washington.edu"); but it must be set to forward to some other email address (e.g. your UW email).

You can change your email forwarding using the link below. You can also access any mailman (email) lists for which you are a member or an administrator.

You can easily get to all UW email services through MyUW - it's a good page to add to your bookmarks.


Email forwarding

EE email addresses must be set to forward all mail to another account. You can use the link below to change your forwarding settings.

Set or change your EE email forward address

Vacation Messages

If you use Google Mail, vacation can be set under your your UW Gmail account.

Mailing Lists

Mailman lists (for users)
If you wish to subscribe to a list or read list archives then click on the above link. Information on how to use a mailing list is found here.

Mailman lists (for list administrators)
This link takes you to the main page for Mailman, which is what we use to manage our email mailing lists. Mailman provides a nice web interface for you to use when adding or removing users, or making other changes.

Email admin access
This page is only accessible to our department system administrators.

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